Stop-R Thyroid Protector

Stop-R Thyroid Protector


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Troid koruyuculari sua x-isini ortaminda çalisanlarin mutlaka kullanmalari gereken bir üründür. Boyun kismini komple sararak etkin bir koruma saglar. Radyasyondan korunmak için ürettigimiz Kursunsuz ürünümüz düsük maliyet, yüksek korozyon direnci, esneklik ve hafiflik gibi özelliklere sahiptir. Atomik yapisi nedeniyle korozyondan metaller kadar etkilenmez. Polimerlerin kimyasal direnci, kimyasalin türü ve konsantrasyonundan, polimerin yapisindan, ortamin sicakligindan, uygulanan stresten, polimerin yüzey pürüzlülügünden ve morfolojisinden etkilenir. Ürünümüzün camsi geçis sicakligi (tg) %60'in üzerindedir. Bu nedenle esnek bir yapiya sahiptir.

Our Lead-free product, which we produce to protect from radiation , has features such as low cost, high corrosion resistance, flexibility and lightness. Due to its atomic structure, it is not affected by corrosion as much as metals. The chemical resistance of polymers is affected by the type and concentration of the chemical, the structure of the polymer, the temperature of the environment, the applied stress, the surface roughness and morphology of the polymer. The glass transition temperature (tg) of our product is above 60%. Therefore , it has a flexible structure.












Lower costs


High Corrosion Resistance


Impact Resistance


Low Density




Easy Shaping


High Radiation Retention

The lead-free coating height must be at least 2 meters. Above this height, gypsum board, MDF or building material requested by the institution is covered up to the ceiling.

The thickness of the lead-free plate is determined according to the radiation dose of the x-ray device to be used. Mounting is done with 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm thick lead-free sheets.

The formula density of the lead-free sheets we use is between 99.95% – 99.99%.

Apart from lead-free coating work, we install lead-free doors, lead-free screens, lead-free curtains and lead-free barriers.

All of our radiology products that we manufacture and install comply with the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK) standards.

Piece Thickness 150
one 1.40 0.40
2nd 2.10 0.80
3 3.25 1.10
4 5.00 1.40
5 7.10 1.70
6 10 2.00
  • Clinics

  • Imaging Centers

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • Radiation Therapy / Oncology

  • Industrial X-Ray Rooms NDT

  • Medical Suites

  • Medical Schools

  • Individual Doctor Offices

  • University Medical Centers

  • Cancer Centers

  • Nuclear Applications

  • CTbrowsers

  • Angiography / Cath Labs

  • Radiology / Fluoroscopic / X-ray

  • Linear Accelerators / Simulators

  • Tomography / Gamma Camera

  • PETScanners

  • Intake Injection Rooms

  • Hot Labs

  • cyclotron

  • Proton Beam Chamber Nuclear

  • Medical Rooms

Stop-R Lead Plate Antimony Plate
Natural Mineral Toxic Mineral Toxic Mineral
Manufactured in Compliance with Reach and RoHS Legislation Not Reach and RoHS Compliant Not Reach and RoHS Compliant
Heavy Metal Free Contains Heavy Metal (Chemical) Contains Heavy Metal (Chemical)
Weldable Not Weldable Not Weldable
No Toxic Gases Are Released in Recycling Toxic Gases Released in Recycling Toxic Gases Released in Recycling
Ease of transport (good) Ease of handling (bad) Ease of handling (bad)
  High Cost High Cost
No contamination There is Contamination (It is one of the most harmful metals to human health.) There is Contamination (It is one of the most harmful metal to Human Health.)
High Corrosion Resistance Weak Corrosion Resistance Weak Corrosion Resistance
Flexible Structure. Not Flexible Not Flexible
m2 1.8 kg m2 22 kg m2 18kg
  Toxic Gases Released When Heated Toxic Gases Released When Heated
  Imported product Imported product
  It has a harder structure because it contains elements such as copper and antimony in its chemical structure.